FOTB08 suggestions

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I’d agree with what everyone else has already said that FOTB was totally mind blowing this year, my only concern is how they’ll top it next year!

Here’s my suggestions:

  • More advanced technical sessions – don’t be shy to get in-depth
  • Rapid sessions – The quickly arranged session this year where Mario, Aral & Brendan only had 20 minutes each was I think perfect. It cut out any potential powerpoint/keynote overdose. Personally I though the pace was perfect.
  • Event Podcast – A glaring omission from any event these days. This would include audio of the sessions (video where applicable), session url’s, presentation files & source mentioned.
  • Less repeats – A few of the speakers pretty much repeated what they said last year.

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Paul Hart

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2 thoughts on “FOTB08 suggestions”

  1. I agree about the podcasts – I did record the audio from all the sessions that I attended – some speakers didn’t want me to put the whole thing online, but I will gradually put up the ones that people are okay about (I’ve just been so busy recently!)

    I thought there was a good balance between technical and creative sessions – I guess also there is an issue in terms of who the tech sessions are for. The ones I saw were fairly simple (and I’m saying that as an interaction designer who codes a bit, not the other way around). It’s good to give non-coders a taste for the technical side but also good to give the die-hard coders some real meat. All of which just goes to show what a complex beast Flash has become.

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